Moving Your Office


Business owners are certainly no strangers to moving their offices once or several times during their years in business.
From cheaper rents to relocating to an area with better infrastructure and opportunities for growth, those running companies are always looking for opportunities to grow their businesses.


With that in mind, how do you properly move your office without providing for a major disruption of daily business?Among the ways to go about this:
  • Checklist

    Whether you’re doing the move yourself or having professionals do it, make sure each employee is responsible (see below) for their work/personal items being ready to go;

  • Questions

    It is important to ask all of your employees to personally box up smaller items such as contents inside their desks, laptops etc. Do a final walk-through the day before the move (see below);

  • Inspection

    The day prior to the move, inspect all articles to be moved to make sure they are properly packed;

  • Preparation

    The days leading up to the move is a great time to clean out unnecessary papers and other items that don't need to go to the new office;

  • Timing

    Finally, make sure that all office equipment is accounted for and works properly once it arrives at its new location.

Office moves do not have to be difficult despite a temporary disruption in business. Pull your team together and work as a unit to get the job done.