Pack it Up the Right Way


Pack it Up the Right Way !

Whether you are moving just across town or slated for a long distance move, how you pack things up goes a long way in determining whether or not the move proves successful. To improve the chances nothing gets damaged and you find everything sooner rather than later when the unpacking process begins, take the time to do it right from the start and not in a hurried fashion.

Go Room to Room in an Organized Fashion

Among the tips to keep in mind when packing up your current place:
  • Checklist

    Decide whether you can pack and move certain items or you want the movers to do it. Best to pack up and move on your own any sentimental photos and other items that can always be damaged or lost.

  • Proper Boxing

    While it seems like commonsense, pack all of your items with extra care (see more below). For example, don’t throw dishes in a box and then forget to mark it fragile.

  • Over Packing

    You might think you are saving a few dollars by using less boxes and cramming more items into fewer boxes. The chances of damaged goods also increases with such actions.

  • Label Everything

    Want to avoid a nightmare session of unpacking? Make sure ALL your boxes and containers are properly labeled with each room noted on the box (i.e. bedroom, kitchen etc.)

  • Document

    Last but not least, make sure you document all your possessions. You should be able after unpacking to say that everything arrived safe and sound at the new location.

While packing up for a move can be time consuming and challenging, it can be done with much less stress when done right the first time.