Self Service


With many people struggling at times to make it in today’s challenging financial world, self-serve moving is becoming more and more popular.
While the thought of boxing up all your belongings may not sound like a ton of fun, it can ultimately save you money when all is said and done.


In order to properly pull off a self-serve move, remember the following:
  • Checklist

    Check with the moving company to see if there are any special packing tips for items such as glass, ceramics, jewelry, family heirlooms etc. It is important that you don't throw everything altogether;

  • Questions

    Make sure you work with the mover on a delivery timetable. Given you will probably just have a few clothes and other necessities on you, it is important your possessions get there as close to the date as promised;

  • Inspection

    Since you are doing the packing, have the moving company do a quick inventory of the boxes before they are loaded onto the truck to make sure things are properly packe.

  • Preparation

    Don't wait until a day or two before the mover shows up to start packing. Last-minute packing will ultimately lead to increased odds of damaged goods.

  • Safe Arrival

    Check with the driver to make sure he or she and the movers themselves are properly insured and the vehicle transporting your items is in good working order.