Change Of Address


When moving, filling out necessary paperwork and updating your address are essential tasks to ensure you continue receiving all of your mail such as important notices and bills. This also includes mail from anyone who may not have your new address yet. Mail forwarding can help streamline the process and allow you time to contact important agencies and individuals with your new address.

Moving Faqs

How do I Forward my Mail?
You can fill out a change of address form at, by calling 1-800-ASK-UPS, or by going to your local post office. This allows you to select the date of your move and notifies the post office of your change of address. When you complete the form online (or by phone) there is a small charge of about $1.00 to verify your identity. Doing this from the comfort of your own home may be well worth the time you save during a big move.
How Does Mail Forwarding Work?
Regardless of whether or not you file online, by phone or in person, you will receive information from the post office as well as coupons related to moving in the mail. Once activated, your mail will be re-routed at the post office and forwarded to your new address.
Is There a Delay?
Most likely there will be some type of delay time for forwarded mail, depending on the distance between two addresses. Delays can range between a couple days to a couple weeks. It is important to notify anyone that you may be expecting mail from so that they can send the mail to the proper address and minimize delays.
Is there a time limit?
The U.S. Postal Service will continue forwarding mail for up to one year for first class mail and 60 days for magazines and other periodicals.
Who Do I Need to Notify If I Move?
The utility companies, financial services and any other company you may have an auto-ship program with are the first ones that should be contacted. Before the big move, it is recommended to keep a running list of anyone whose mail you would not want to miss or have delayed. Check them off of your list as you provide them with your new address. If you have forgotten anyone, you will be quickly reminded once you receive mail at your new address with a forwarding sticker on the front. This is common, but when it happens, calling to immediately change your address with the sender will slowly but surely shorten the list.
Do I really have to call every person that may have my address?
For credit cards companies and other bills, you can often fill out a form when you pay your monthly bill that will alert them of your address change. Updating medical offices, and subscription based services are the next steps, which you can do as you go. One good memory jogger may be to scroll through your cell phone contacts and your emails throughout the month to get an idea for anyone you’ve missed. Sometimes a simple email will suffice for an address change, especially for casual contacts.