"There are tons of websites out there trying for your business, but picking up a phone and talking with a real person who can answer questions about the size of your home, what kind and size of boxes to buy, and how many movers I would need was a very pleasant surprise! Great experience."...




"Plain and simple. I love the LendingTree approach to moving! It used to be so much harder to shop around, but now we are able to have businesses competing for our business almost instantly!"




"I am a DIY type, so normally I would go buy my packing materials and research self-load companies or truck rentals, but how can I say no to saving so much time and money by having a couple movers and packers “knocking on my inbox” with discounts and promotions? We might pack ourselves, but Moving Maestro has opened my eyes to the value of hiring a moving company!"




"It was so easy to submit our moving criteria and receive actual quotes from local and national companies that would be moving us. No middle man involved, and now I can go do my own homework and research to pick the best option based on my comfort level and preferences."


Office Manager


"Calling to talk with someone and get details on who will be packing my belongings and moving us gives me such peace of mind. The website is very informative provided some great insight into moving checklists and documents I would need also!"




"I’m not a bargain shopper and I had never moved before. Filling out the form on put real quotes of movers competing for my business at my fingertips within minutes, and I was able to make an informed and easy decision. Checked that one off my list!"




"Moving across town to our new neighborhood seemed like it would be no big deal to rent a truck for a day and “just do it”, but after talking to a couple friends about how much more difficult it was and how much longer it took than expected, we decided to get help. Moving Maestro to the rescue! I had quotes from local movers in minutes and within an hour had talked with each of them and locked in our moving date only 2 weeks away."....




"The best part about Moving Maestro is the “shopping around” is done for you but you’re not bombarded with tons of emails from hundreds of different companies - only those select few who are actually able to provide you with a quote and meet your criteria. Tip from experience: Don't always go with the lowest price because it is not always the best value!"




"I’d moved cross-country before but not since my children were born. There was no way I would be able to pack the house myself and do the logistical gymnastics of self-pack and self-load. Moving Maestro helped me find everything I needed to get the move arranged and the day went very smoothly. We love our new home!"


Fitness Intructor


"The last thing I had time to do was shop around for moving companies when I was notified last minute of an opportunity for relocation to an out-of-state position at my company. Moving Maestro saved me by providing the answers and information I needed to pack up our house & family and move it all to an area we knew nothing about!"