Packing and Storing Properly

Packing and Storing

Packing and Storing Properly

Part of the moving process involves the proper packing and in some cases storing of goods until they can be unpacked in a new home or business. Ask anyone who has ever moved and they will tell you that oftentimes the most frustrating part of the move is having possessions damaged or even ruined once they reach their destination.
While no one can guarantee with 100 percent that every item will arrive safe and sound, the movers will tell you that you can greatly increase those odds by properly packing and storing your items.

Preparation Time is Key

In order to lessen the chances of having damaged items when you pack and in some cases store them, keep the following in mind:
  • Checklist

    It may take a little extra time, but you should number each box or container, then record and print out a sheet with the contents of all boxes. That will make it easier when you go to unpack stuff.

  • Questions

    Some storage centers are not climate controlled, so make sure you find out which items you pack up may be potentially damaged if not in a climate enhanced area.

  • Inspection

    While there can be limitation times on filing a claim, having visual proof of what something looked like before it was damaged will enhance your ability to receive compensation.

  • Preparation

    Packing and storing items the right way takes time, especially in order to lessen the chances for damage.

  • Dates

    If you are going to be storing items, make sure you have target dates for when the items need to be stored. The sooner you can get your items out of storage, the more money you can save over the long haul.

While moving can be a stressful time for many folks, properly packing and storing your items can lessen the stress and chances for problems.