Moving Checklist


Moving, no matter how much planning time you’ve allowed can end up chaotic, taxing, and often overwhelming. To help prepare for your move it can be helpful to break the process into stages and create a checklist of tasks for each phase.

Notify Everyone

Getting all utilities and services transferred is one of the first things that you can check off of your list when making a move. Doing this as soon as you can ensures minimal delays and service lapses. This includes moving/transferring:


Wrap it up at the Old House

Cleaning the home after moving can seem daunting, especially when you begin to see areas of the home you haven’t seen in years (like behind the couch or in the back of closets). Areas to remember and that you can do ahead of time include:
Repairs are also something that may need to be done especially if you are renting and would like to get your deposit back. Some landlords have their own checklist they prefer to go by, but regardless keep an eye out for things such as:
So that you can prepare your new home and wrap things up at your old home, ensure you have these items on both ends:
Moving is rarely the most enjoyable thing to do in the world, but with a little planning ahead of time, you can minimize frustrations by being prepared.