Storage Units


Storage Units


For many people, moving ranks right up there with visiting the dentist, doing taxes, and going back to work after a relaxing weekend. So, how can you make your moving experience a little less stressful and a little easier on the wallet?
Whether you are moving yourself, you and your family or your small business operations, finding the right storage units is as important as taking care of changing your personal information when life finds you going from one location to another.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau close to 36 million people nationwide changed locations between 2012 and 2013. With all those moves, no doubt not everyone was able to easily move their possessions from one locale to another without putting some items in storage for a few weeks, months or even longer.


Given the fact that you have a plethora of things to do with a move, taking a little bit of time to research where your stuff may be temporarily located is something that should never be taken for granted.
To explore this subject a bit further, here are two scenarios that can play out: In order to lessen the chances of having damaged items when you pack and in some cases store them, keep the following in mind:
  • Option 1

    You take the time to call around, get referrals, and go online to find out some of the top storage unit facilities in the event you will be storing some or many of your possessions as you get settled into your new location. Given the research you have done, you are poised with the best available information (including prices and if the storage provider has any issues with the Better Business Bureau) for your move;

  • Option 2

    You don’t invest the time to find the right storage unit facility. As the date of your move becomes closer, you essentially choose one at the last minute without really knowing their work history, if they have a slew of customer complaints etc. As it turns out, you get a hap-hazard company that in the end ruins some of your possessions while charging you an arm and a leg.

Now, wouldn’t the research time have been worth it?


Obviously no two people moving will have the exact same storage unit needs.
That said, among the most common options are: outdoor storage (keep in mind that some do not offer climate controlled conditions, therefore take note of what you put in them), indoor storage units (also check the climate control feature for proper ventilation), portable storage, business storage units, vehicle storage, RV and/or boat storage, self-storage, mobile self-storage and motorcycle storage.
Last but not least, check the security features for the storage unit of choice.
After getting the move behind you, the last thing you want is finding out that someone else got their hands on your goods. When it comes to moving storage, make sure your move is as stress-free as possible. Besides, you can save the stress for wondering whether or not your cable person actually shows up when he or she says they will.