Family Relocation




Moving for an individual can be difficult, but what about when you are talking an entire family?
Whether it is a move across town or across the country, relocating a family can be challenging on a number of fronts.
One state that has been a popular destination in recent years is Oregon, which has seen more people move into than leave the state.


Whether Oregon is on your moving list or some other state, you can make the move easier on your family by following some of these tips:
  • Checklist

    It is important for all members of the family (except of course the real little ones or those too old) to dig in and help. Have each member of the family be responsible for their possessions and a room in the house. Make sure all boxes, containers etc. are properly labeled on where they should be delivered in the new residence;

  • Questions

    Ask the moving company about which items should be given special attention (lamps, glass, dishes etc.) so that they are properly marked. The notion may just be to cram as much into each box or container as possible, but that can also lead to damaged goods by the time they arrive at your new home;

  • Inspection

    Have each family member responsible for inspecting each box when they pack it so that the items are properly stored. Any personal/sentimental items such as photo albums, school records etc. should be taken separately so as not to be lost or damaged;

  • Preparation

    Don’t wait the morning of the move to start packing. Do a few boxes each day leading up to the move. The last thing the movers want to see when they arrive is box after box that is not taped up and still being worked on;

  • Dates

    Before you book the move; be sure to look at dates such as school and work. Moving right in the middle of the school year should be avoided if at all possible. Also don’t plan the move if you have a slew of upcoming business travel and your spouse will be left holding all or most of the responsibility for organizing the move.

While families move all the time, each one can be different and sometimes difficult in its own way.
Lessen the chances of a difficult move by being prepared from the start.