Solutions to 5 Common Moving Mistakes

No matter how exciting it is to move into a new home, the process can be overwhelming to say the least. Choices abound as to how you can approach this enormous task, but anticipating common moving pitfalls while scrawling your moving to-do list will greatly decrease the pressure in an already challenging setting.
  • Spring Clean First

    Prior to packing, check spring-cleaning off of your moving to-do list if you want to save stress and time during your transition. Getting rid of that old flute your mom made you play and those boxes of clothes you saved "just in case" will reduce potential stress when you find yourself swimming in a sea of loaded cardboard boxes. If a perfect time exists for getting rid of unnecessary clutter, it’s definitely before a big move.

  • Enlist Help

    The old saying that there’s strength in numbers was quite possibly coined by some poor soul who thought they could move without any help. Since the process of moving seems to always find a way to evolve into a bigger, tougher feat than anticipated, hiring professional movers can save loads of hassle, freeing you up to focus on other moving tasks.

  • Plan Ahead

    It's quite normal to be full of enthusiasm at the beginning of a move. You may start out ultra-productive and organized, labeling boxes and keeping like items with like items. However, as deadlines approach and fatigue sets in, you don’t want to find yourself dumping the contents of your junk drawer on top of your knick-knacks just to get it over with. Allowing ample time to pack will save you from this moving gaffe and help you avoid extra stress on moving day.

  • Pack Your Own Valuables

    Deciding to handle your own valuables is one of the most important things you can add to your moving checklist. Even if you have insurance and can get monetary compensation for items that get lost or broken, nothing can replace such valuables as heirloom jewelry or grandma’s antique vase. Items that simply can’t be replaced should be carefully packed and moved by you.

  • Keep Bare Necessities Nearby

    Anything you may need in a pinch should be packed separately and kept accessible. After a long day (or three) of moving, you don’t want to have to rip through a slew of boxes or call out a search party in order to do something simple like change your clothes or brush your teeth. Avoiding this simple but common moving blunder can help you escape undue stress after an already tiring trek.

Remember, your moving checklist can be your best friend or a map to disaster. Anticipating common moving mistakes and taking steps to avoid them will help set you on the path to a positive moving experience.