Welcome Iowa Movers!

Home of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk

Welcome to Iowa, the home of Quaker Oats and only state bordered by rivers on its either side! Because it was once owned by France and had a large number of immigrants from other European countries as well, the state is very diverse and its events (like the Decorah’s Nordic Festival) show it. Relocate here and prepare for a variety of unexpected adventures!

Relocating to Iowa - Being a New Iowa Resident

You’re moving to Iowa and are getting specific on where. It’ll likely be one of the largest cities, which are Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Ames, Dubuque, Davenport, Sioux City, Waterloo, West Des Moines, Cedar Falls, Council Bluffs, Ankeny, Mason City, Ottumwa, Burlington, Decorah, Marshalltown, Fort Dodge and Muscatine.
Whichever place you move to, you can have a smooth transition by following the proper steps required by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). We’ve laid out the top priorities for becoming a resident below.

Iowa Neighorhood Information: Important for Iowa Moving Quotes and Moving Companies

Weather: Nestled in America’s heartland, move to Iowa to experience 4 distinct seasons. Here winters are cold, though the snowfall isn’t too heavy compared to the state’s northern neighbors! Summers are hot and because most rainfall occurs at this time, summers are humid as well. Autumn and spring are the lovely in between times.
When snow is quick to melt or intense rainstorms hit during summer, flooding can occur. Make sure to prepare yourself, your family and your new home for this type of severe weather.
Population & Cost of Living:-At 3.09 million, Iowa’s population is fairly small compared to many other United States. How much do these folks pay to live here? About 11% less than the average American! This is mostly due to the cost of housing, which is nearly 30% lower than most of American cities.


Moving here, we presume you have found a job or are looking to obtain one. Well, you have reason to smile because the unemployment rate as Fall 2014 was 4.5%. That is more than 1.5% below the national average.
This state was once truly centered around agriculture, but it has steadily transitioned into more fields such as advanced manufacturing, processing, finance, information technology, biotechnology and green energy production. Food processing is one of the main subdivisions of the manufacturing industry here; Iowa is home to companies like General Mills, Quaker Oats, Wells Blue Bunny and Heinz.
Agriculture is still a huge staple here though. Iowa produced the third most agriculture-related goods in America and puts out one-tenth of all American foods! (The top 2 foods? Corn and soybeans.)