Welcome Illinois Movers & New Residents!

The Land of Lincoln

Welcome to the Prairie State, where the land is flat and the name Lincoln is everywhere you turn! When you relocate here you’ll become a resident of the heart of America and get to take part in the unique culture that accompanies that.

Relocating to Illinois - Becoming an Illinois New Resident

You’re moving to Illinois and want your relocation to be as smooth as possible. Follow the steps below to help have an easy transition!
You’ll need to obtain an Illinois Driver’s license within 90 days of moving and establishing residency. Simply go to your local DMV with the appropriate paperwork.
If you’re coming from out-of-state and bringing your vehicle from there, you’ll have 30 days to register it upon becoming a resident. You can do this by following the steps at the following link:
It’s good to make sure your car insurance still covers you here in Illinois. And even if it does, get new insurance quotes because company’s rates are different state-to-state. You want to make sure you’re getting the lowest rate!
Certain areas of Illinois require your vehicle to pass an emissions inspection before registering it. You can find out if you need to do this at the following link:

Important Information for Illinois Moving Quotes and Illinois Moving Companies

Weather: The majority of this state has a humid, continental climate. This means summers that are hot and humid and winters that can get mighty chilly; this was most recently seen in the bone-chilling Polar Vortex of 2013 – 2014 in which 2 extreme waves of cold air fronts brought on record cold temperatures. Temperatures hit Chicago as low as −16 °F.
As for severe weather, relocating here means being prepared for thunderstorm activity (which averages 50 days a year) and tornadoes (as about 35 hit the state every year).
Population & Cost of Living:When you move to Illinois you’ll become one of the 12.9 million folks living here as of 2014. Now, for the important question, how much is cost of living for these residents?
The median value of owning a home is $190,800. And this isn’t New York City where even massive sums of money buy small closet spaces. Paying fairly low prices for homes here can get you a good-sized home…porch often included!

Illinois Employment Rate & the State's Economy

Agriculture is a vital industry here; it’s the reason why one of Illinois’ nicknames is “The Corn State” and “The Garden of the West”. Besides produce production, the other major industries include machinery and chemical manufacturing. Of course, as you venture into the Chicago area industries shift into the realm of finance, technology and professional positions such as advertising.