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Home to more than just Nicholas Sparks

Welcome to North Carolina, the state made particularly famous by Nicholas Sparks in the last decade. His world renowned romance novels such as The Notebook and Dear John were sparked here, by the incredible nature and atmosphere of this state’s coastline. With a low cost of living, great healthcare and beautiful seaside venues, many people who move here find they never want to leave.

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You’re headed to the Tar Heel State and want an easy, smooth transition. Follow important steps to becoming a resident below, and you’ll have tackled some of the most crucial steps!

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Weather:-Overall, the climate of the state is classified as humid subtropical, although the high altitude of the Appalachian Mountains give it a subtropical highland climate. It is due to these high differences in altitude that the temperature varies dramatically across the state. For example, the mountains often act as a shield that blocks low temperatures and rainy storms from the Midwest.
With regards to severe weather, in recent times majority of severe situations are related to summer thunderstorms and tornadoes. These tornadoes tend to happen in summer with smaller versions of severe weather continuing into early November.
Population & Cost of Living:-North Carolina is home to 9.3 million residents, making it the 10th most populous state in America. The state has a high expansion rate and continues to grow just about every year.
Now, to the important question, what does it cost to be one of the 9.3 million people living here? America has a Cost of Living Index that takes into account everything from groceries and transportation to healthcare and housing. The average index of the country is at 100, and North Carolina is lower than this at 95. With lower housing, utilities and transportation costs than the American average, while also having an in-shape economy, this place gets a thumbs up for living costs.

North Carolina Employment Rate & Economy

This state offers a broad range of job opportunities. The top industries here were once tobacco and furniture, but have now transformed into powerhouse industries such as manufacturing, defense, aviation, automotive, energy, agribusiness, biopharmaceuticals, information technology, and (thank goodness) wine-making.
The unemployment rate for these industries (as well as the rest of the state’s) is at 6% as of October 2014, slightly below the American average. With recent job growth at 1.55%, it looks like opportunity is only going up.


For those who love the works of Nicholas Sparks, you can plan a multiple-day trip that takes you through the places his books and inspirations come from. Get jump started by checking out the following link:
With over 36 state parks, there is ample opportunity for checking out the wildlife. Top recommendations include:
  • Cape Lookout – This is the ultimate NC venue for for beach camping and coastal activities. For relaxing day trips, it is a perfect spot for grabbing a picnic basket and hitting the beach with a good book.
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway – Especially in fall and spring, visit this park for breathtaking drives and hikes. You won’t regret it!

  • This is the state the Wright Brother’s completed their first successful fight! This is something fun to remember if travelling here by plane.
  • To all baseball fans – North Carolina is the state Babe Ruth hit his first home run. (The name is truly so much more than just a candy bar!)