Green Moving

green moving

Solutions to 5 Common Moving Mistakes

Movers often report a strange draining of energy and money when they move, but few know that their Mother Earth feels the same way about their transition. The average move uses 60 cardboard boxes, equivalent to a half-ton tree. A short distance move (under ten miles) will produce 22 pounds of Carbon Dioxide, 40 pounds if using a larger truck. Styrofoam packing peanuts take over 500 years to decompose, leaving the evidence of your move for a long, long time. Moving can be hard on the earth, but with all the advances in biotechnology and recyclable recourses- it doesn’t have to be.
Our paper money isn’t made out of forest hurting paper anymore- but cardboard boxes still are. Cardboard moving boxes can be costly to you, and to the environment. Purchasing boxes, setting them up, double checking for rips, and worrying about collapse mid-transit is something every mover goes through. Cardboard is not the only option. Several companies now offer recycled plastic bins for rent, which are sturdier, and can be reused over 400 times. These bins can further cut your costs by stacking higher and easier than your typical cardboard box, shortening the time it takes for your movers to pack and unload them, and allowing you to rent a smaller truck, which means less fuel emissions.