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Moving to San Jose

The Capital of Silicon Valley

Welcome to San Jose, the third largest city in California and tenth largest in the United States! Once the capital of California, (before Sacramento took over that role) this city is now “The Capital” of Silicon Valley and offers a lot of opportunity because of it. You see this in the culture of the city, its architecture and the amount of patents it generates per year. (San Jose generates the most patents in the year, on average, in the US.)

San Jose Neighborhood: Data & Information

Cost of Living: Being in the Bay Area and near wide variety of top universities and job opportunities, cost of living is high. The median home price here? $537,500. Median rent price (per month)? $1,466.
Schools: The K-12 schools have varying reports; the average of this city’s school district is a 6 out of 10.
For those going on to college, in the center of the city is SJSU – San Jose State University – known for its great programs in Nursing & Computer Science.

Relocate to San Jose

Population: The median age of residents here is almost identical to that of the state overall: 35.2 years of age.

Weather: This Mediterranean type climate is typical of the Bay Area. Pleasant most of the yearly, with 82% of the rain falling between November and March. Even during this “rainy” season, weather is quite mild. The rest of the year, the dry season, is consistently pleasant and warm.

Top Employers & Economy in San Jose

Being in the realm of Silicon Valley, this is an area with a lot of high tech and software jobs. Some of these companies include Cisco Systems, eBay, IBM, Adobe Systems and Brocade Communications. Other top employers of this town include the County of Santa Clara, U.S. Postal Service, San Jose State University, Kaiser Permanente, and Ericsson.

The median household income level is a good amount higher than the state’s median at an annual $80,090.

San Jose Movers: Good to Know

Attractions: With a diverse population and the central university, there is a lot going on. Check out just a few such things below:

Fun Facts: