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Better known as SLO, this college town is comfortably nestled around its university life and neighboring wineries. The rolling hills are home to grapes that become amazing wines, Hearst Castle and beautiful, scenic hikes. Because it’s located in the “Central Coast” of California, moving here offers you the opportunity to explore the rest of California easily. San Francisco or Los Angeles are only 3 and half to 4 hours away in each direction. So once you’ve explored this great area, get in your car and take a weekend to adventure!

Relocating to SLO: Important Information for Movers

Cost of Living: You know what they say, “You pay what you get for.” This is certainly true with SLO. WIth great weather, location and schools, you pay in the form of housing. The groceries, healthcare and utilities are more expensive than the American average, but it is the housing that puts the Cost of Living Index rating at 164. This is 64% higher than the American average cost of living.
Let’s lay down some concrete numbers. As of 2014, the average home price was $496,500 and the average rent $1,225 per month. Keep these numbers in mind when deciphering how far your salary will go!
Schools: K-12 schools here have very high ratings, with thumbs up from residents and 7 out of 10 according to Great Schools…which is a great rating compared to so many other cities in America!
This town is renowned for its large 4 year university – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The community college, Cuesta, is known for being crowded due to all the students in the area. Students that need extra credits from the main 4 year often grab units from here, making space in classes often difficult to come by.
Population: Move here and join the approximately 45,000 people living here! The population here is known for being incredibly welcoming; SLO is rated as one of the friendliest towns in America by USA Today. Likely due to the university students, about about 35% of the population is between the ages of 18 and 24.
Compared to the Bay Area and Los Angeles, this area is not nearly as diverse, with about 85% of the population being Caucasian and the rest being divided amongst various other ethnicities and races.

Factors for Moving to SLO

Weather: The climate here is essentially perfect. The cool Mediterranean climate offers warm and sunny summers with mild and somewhat rainy winters. Severe weather is almost non-existent here. So put away your tornado gear and put on your hiking boots; the weather here is almost always prime for a good hike!

Top Employers & Economy

If you are relocating to SLO and haven’t found a job, it’s probably a top priority. The top employers here are the County of SLO, Cal Poly SLO, Atascadero State Hospital, California Men’s Colony, Pacific Gas & Electric, Tenet Healthcare, Lucia Mar Unified School District, King Ventures, Paso Robles Public Schools, San Luis Coastal Unified School District, Cuesta College, Albertsons Stores, Wal-Mart, Vons, French Hospital, Rabobank, California Dept. of Transportation, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, F. McLintocks Saloon and Dining and Martin Resorts.
The opportunities here numbers wise? According to the 2013 Central Coast Economic Forecast, SLO was at the “forefront of growth” with more jobs & strong real estate. This indeed happened as the unemployment has decreased each year since 2010. As of Fall 2014, the unemployment rate of SLO was equal with the country’s average – 6.4%.

Top Attractions

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