Hello Georgia Movers & Welcome Georgia New Residents!

The Peach State

As a wise Ray Charles once sang, “Georgia (you’re) on my mind”. He may have been singing about a woman, but there are plenty of people who feel the same way about their beloved state. Home to mean sweet tea and several popular television shows, get ready to relocate to a place with serious personality!

Relocating to Georgia - Being a New Resident of Georgia

If you’re preparing to move to Georgia, you’ll want to make sure to take care of all registration, driver’s license renewal and paperwork with the DMV. Top priorities will be in the list below:
You also need to title your vehicle. You can title and register it at the same time – by going to your local Georgia Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) with the proper paperwork and information. See the complete list at:

Georgia New Resident Information for Moving Quotes

Weather: The climate of Georgia is considered humid subtropical. This usually means hot & humid summers contrasted with mild winters. There is variance across the state in temperature. For example, due to the hill country in the north and Atlantic Ocean on the east, northern and central Georgia experiences far cooler temperatures and more snow.
However, no matter what part of the state you’re in you can expect precipitation throughout the year. When you relocate here, also expect to experience common tornadoes and tropical cyclones.

Population & Cost of Living: Move to Georgia and you’ll become one of nearly 10 million residents of the state. Besides being the birthplace of Girl Scouts and fantastic peaches, the cost of living is very good. The national average Cost of Living Index is 100, and Georgia’s is below this at 92.

Georiga's Employment Rate & Economy

As of Fall 2014, Georgia has the highest unemployment rate of any state in the country. It’s capital, Atlanta, has some great jobs to offer, however, rates hit terrible rates after the recession of 2008.
For those employed in Georgia, top industries include government, transportation, manufacturing, finance, insurance and real estate.