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Welcome Delaware Movers! The First State As the very first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution, Delaware has been a pinnacle point of American history since the very beginning. With no sales tax, a rich history and prime location in the Northeast, there is a reason why many who relocate here never want to leave! …

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Hello & Welcome Connecticut Movers Home of the Hamburger Welcome to Connecticut, home of Yale University and a town that banned walking backwards (that would be Devon, Connecticut)! Between its Ivy League school and being the birthplace of Noah Webster (the man who created the first dictionary), one can see why higher learning, education & …

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Welcome Colorado Movers – New Residents of Colorado! Welcome to Colorado, where the first rodeo was held and “America the Beautiful” was written (inspiration acquired atop Pikes Peak). This mountainous region is famous for the altitude activities it inspires, like world-class snowboarding and skiing. This terrain has truly molded the state’s culture and makes relocation …

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California Movers, Here We Come California, the Golden State home to Hollywood and the legendary Napa Valley, has just about every landscape, from desert to forest to beach. Whether you are moving to the lush greenery of one of Northern California’s forests or the drier heat of its Southern half, get ready for a state …

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Welcome Arkansas Movers The Natural State Welcome to Arkansas, where they make lasagna so good, it’ll make you slap your mama! This state often has a reputation associated with hillbillies, but having produced figures like Bill Clinton & William Fulbright, it truly is a cultured place that deserves attention. Move here and discover the rich …

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Welcome Arizona Movers! When most people hear Arizona, they think desert…which is exactly what most of the state is! The personality and climate of this area is reflected in its state mascots like the Arizona Ridgerose Rattlesnake (state reptile) and Saguaro Cactus Blossom (state flower). So if you’re a fan of Western movies in which …

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Alaska Movers: Welcome to the Last Frontier! This extremely Northwestern state, not directly attached to the main 48, is the largest state in the country by area. As a new state, only officially added in 1959, there are many Americans older than the state itself! Although young in terms of United States history, it has …

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Welcome Alabama Movers The Heart of Dixie Welcome to “Sweet Home Alabama, where the skies are so blue!” This state is known for fierce college football rivalries, good time country dancing and humid weather. Just about every house is equipped with a porch and just about every person cheers for either University of Alabama in …

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