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The Show Me State

Welcome to Missouri, where Congressman Willard Duncan Vandiver supposedly hollered, “I’m from Missouri and you’ve got to show me!” To you, who are relocating, there is plenty show right here in Missouri. It is the home of Blues and Kansas City, which has more fountains than Rome even though ironically not in Kansas. But hey, if you do get the travel bug? Missouri is bordered by 8 states, so there is much opportunity to explore other states too.

Missouri Relocating - New Resident Data and Info

You’re relocating to Missouri and, perhaps, haven’t settled on a town. It’s likely you’ll move to the largest cities, which are St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, Branson, Jefferson City, Joplin, Saint Charles, Independence, Hannibal, Saint Joseph, Cape Girardeau, Hermann, Lee’s Summit, Chesterfield, Florissant, Rolla, Saint Peters, Blue Springs and Sedalia.
Once you’ve decided on a town, you’re ready to relocate! Whichever place you decide, you can have the smoothest transition possible by following the proper steps required by Missouri. We’ve laid out the most important steps for becoming a resident below.
Your car does likely need to go through an emissions test & vehicle safety inspection. Check to see the testing requirements & if your vehicle falls under them at: http://www.dmv.org/mo-missouri/smog-check.php

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Weather: You are moving to a state with a humid continental climate. This means the summers and long & hot, while the winters are shorter and range between cool and (ice cream status) cold. The wettest season of the year is spring (March through May). Throughout all theses seasons, weather is known to change bast – so be braced for change without warning!
To avoid sweltering heat and hauling moving boxes in the rain, we recommend moving in autumn if possible. (The farther into fall the better; the amount of precipitation decreases as the season goes along).
Population & Cost of Living:-Relocate to Missouri and join the approximately 6.044 million people living here. How much do these folks pay to reside here?
As of 2014, Missouri had the 17th lowest cost of living in the entire nation. This is because it costs about 10% less to live here than the average state of America. The main factor? Housing. Housing is more than 20% less expensive than the average city in America.
Be careful when hiring folks to help with your home, such as electricians and plumbers. There aren’t strict laws enforcing people in these fields to be certified and, as someone new to the area, want to make sure you’re not getting overpriced rates!

Missouri Employment Rate & Economy

The unemployment rate in Missouri as of Fall 2014 was 6.3%, about level with the state average.
For the nearly 94% of folks who are employed, they have jobs in the top industries. These industries include service industries (such as law, retail and accounting), tourism & travel, manufacturing (top products being aircraft equipment, cars &, of course, beer!), mining (mostly of zinc & lead) and agriculture (top products being cattle, corn, peaches, apples & soybeans).


Wine, not whine! – Missouri has over 125 wineries across the state. Wherever you are in the country, you are truly never far from tasting some new grape fermented goodness! Check out 9 crafted wine trails that have already been planned for your enjoyment at: http://missouriwine.org/#welcome
St. Louis University – This is a great place to visit not only for students, but the public as well. It was the first grad school, med school, law school…a lot of first schools! Come here to experience its impactful history.
Taum Sauk Mountain – Enjoy heights? This peak is the highest point of elevation in the entire state.