New Jersey


Welcome New Jersey Movers!

Where there’s so much more than just the shore!

Welcome to New Jersey, first state to host a baseball game and first one to sign the Bill of Rights! As you decide which city to relocate to, be ready for a lot of options. From the Catskill Mountains to the beach towns that inspired the popular TV show, The Jersey Shore, everyone can find a spot that suits their personality and ideal lifestyle.

Relocating to New Jersey - Being a New Resident

There are a plethora of great cities to move to in NJ. The largest of these include Newark, Trenton, Jersey City, Hackensack, Paterson, Passaic, Elizabeth, New Brunswick, Princeton, Camden, Haddonfield, Vineland, Millville and Atlantic City. No matter which of these places you relocate to, you’ll want to follow the following steps to smoothly transition into becoming a resident.

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Weather:-Due to the varying landscape throughout the state, New Jersey has 2 distinct climates. The northeast, central & south areas have a humid mesothermalclimate. The northwest, due to the high elevation of the mountains, has much cooler temperatures and hence a humid continental climate.
Precipitation here is spread evenly through the year, averaging 43 to 51 inches annually. If your favorite hobby is building snowmen or sledding? You’re going to want to head to the northeast and central zones! This is because it snows all over the state, but by far the most amount of snow falls in the northeast and central areas (40 to 50 inches) compared the the south and seacoast (15 to 30 inches).
The most critical severe weather to lookout for are the “nor’easters” that can cause blizzards or flooding. Other severe weather includes hurricanes, tropical storms, and tornadoes. Earthquakes have happened, but they are very rare!
Population & Cost of Living:-This state is home to about 8.9 million people; move here to add one to that number! At 69% Caucasian, it is not one of the countries most diverse states ethnicity wise. With the influx of immigration, however, this rate has been dropping each year as diversity grows more & more within the state.
The cost of living here is high compared to the rest of the America. The Cost of Living Index for the entire country averages at 100, whereas New Jersey rates at 127. The main factor that drives this rate up is the cost of housing and utilities.
The potentially concerning matter here is that cost of living has gone up as wages have slightly decreased. This is critical to take note of when moving here & evaluating salary offers.


One of the most important factors for moving is career options. If you don’t already have a job, where are you likely to find one? The top industries employing residents include: finance, telecommunications, farming, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical development, petroleum-based products, insurance and tourism.
Now, let’s get specific. Which companies employ the most NJ residents? In order of most employees to least, these are: Barnabas Health, Walmart, Verizon, UPS, Johnson & Johnson, United Airlines, Caesars Entertainment, The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. Inc., Bank of America Merrill Lynch, NJ Transit, Meridian Health, Robert Wood Johnson Health Network and Home Depot.
The unemployment rate, as of Fall 2014, was at 6.6% (about half a percent higher than the national average). This rate climbed in 2014, but the state is hopefully to get this number back down soon.