Rhode Island


Welcome to Rhode Island!

The Ocean State

Welcome to Rhode Island, where Ivy Leagues like Brown University stand tall and the state motto summarizes the positive culture simply – “Hope!”. This state brought us the carousel, the first woman-founded town and classic American tune of “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. This state rich in American history and full of exciting cities with small-town vibes; move here to truly experience the culture for yourself!

Rhode Island Relocating - Steps for New Residents

The largest cities, and the probably ones you are most likely considering moving to, here in Rhode Island include Providence, Newport, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, Narragansett, Westerly, Bristol, Woonsocket, Cumberland, East Greenwich, North Kingstown, East Providence, Portsmouth, Watch Hill, Smithfield, Middletown, Coventry, Johnston and Jamestown.
Once you’ve decided on where to move to, it’s time for the nitty gritty details. The Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has some important rules to follow for establishing residency, the top ones which you can check out below!
Your vehicle needs to pass an emissions inspection here every 2 years, but there are some exceptions. To make sure you get one if needed, check the requirements at the following link: http://www.dmv.org/ri-rhode-island/smog-check.php

Rhode Island Moving Companies and Rhode Island Moving Quotes: Important Neighborhood Information

Weather:-Due to such a large amount of coastline, Rhode Island borders between a climate of humid subtropical and humid continental. Summers are warm and have high precipitation; winters are rather chilly. The good news? There are few severe weather incidents that occur, so storms and events like tornadoes are not to be worried about here!
Population & Cost of Living:-This tiny state is home to about 1.052 million people. How much do these folks pay to live here?
The cost of living here is about 20% higher than the average place in America. This is due to higher prices of homes, more costly health insurance and higher priced groceries (due to most goods having to be imported in). However, the good news is this all correlates with higher salaries! The average income is nearly $50,000.
With the large number of universities and students going to school out of state, it is best to refrain from relocating during student moving season (spring & fall).

Employment Rate in Rhode Island & its Economy

The unemployment rate here, as of Fall 2014, was 7.7%. This is higher than the national average, however, has steadily decreased to this since the frightening height spike after the recession in 2008.
The top dominating industries here in Rhode Island include health services, tourism, manufacturing. The industries that are rapidly growing (and therefore continually hiring more people) are currently manufacturing (of electronics, plastics, metal products and instruments), chemicals and building of boats.