Welcome Vermont Movers!

The Green Mountain State

Welcome to Vermont, the home of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and largest producer of maple syrup in America! Besides getting your sugar levels up, this state offers a great deal of happiness, healthiness and intelligence – it ranks at the top of these every year! Perhaps the activities made possible by the highly forested lands and great surfboard terrain help contribute to this happiness. Whether you love hiking or a place that doesn’t allow billboards along state roadways (which Vermont doesn’t), this state is a great place to live.

Vermont Relocating - Becoming a New Resident Here

You’re preparing to relocate to the state and deciding on the specific town. You’ll likely be moving to one of the largest cities, which are Burlington, Montpelier, Rutland City, Brattleboro, Bennington, Woodstock, Middlebury, Stowe, Manchester, Waterbury, South Burlington, St. Johnsbury, Colchester, St. Albans, Williston, Newport, Shelburne, Killington, Quechee, Essex, Springfield, Wilmington, Winooski and Barre City.
Now, let’s make this transition as easy for you as possible! The Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has some important rules to follow, and we’ve outlined the most important steps they require below.

Before your car can be registered, it most likely has to go through an emissions & safety inspection. See if your car qualifies at:

Neighborhood Information for Vermont Moving Quotes and Moving Companies

Weather:-The climate of Vermont is humid continental. What does this mean for relocating here? Mild summers, followed by hot Augusts and then beautiful and breath-taking autumns! (This makes autumn the most ideal weather to move here in.)
Winters are cold and even colder at high elevations. It can get so cold snow won’t fall because it can’t retain the moisture to make it. After this frosty period of serious hot chocolate drinking, springs that are precipitation-filled, but mild follow.
Population & Cost of Living:-Move here to join the approximately 627,00 people currently living here.
How much does it cost these folks to live here? It is higher than the national average as it costs about 16% more to live here than the average place in America. However, compared to other New England states, it has a very good cost of living.
The cost of a home varies greatly; the median home price is about $320,000 in the large city of Burlington, and the average home throughout the entire state is about $260,000.
Good to note: The population here is far from the diversity level of Florida or the Bay Area…this is the second most Caucasian state in the United States.

Vermont Employment Rate & Economy

As of Fall 2014, the unemployment rate was a good deal lower than the national average at 4.1%.
Company wise, BMI is the largest employer, another top one being Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. (And with perks like getting 3 free pints of ice cream a day and a free gym membership to counteract it… it’s a great place worth applying to!)
Industry wise, the top industries here are agriculture (maple syrup & dairy products being the most produced goods), tourism, electronics and forestry (producing products like paper).